Not What You Thought- Part 1

Maybe everything isn't so bad...


Walking into school Monday morning, Sloan put on a brave face for the world she was about to enter. As soon as she opened the double doors to the main entrance of the senior hallway, paper balls were thrown her way as she walked; as if the whole hallway had just been waiting for her to arrive. Sloan continued to walk forward pass the taunting shouts.




Sloan had been going through this hell since her first day on freshman year. Even though she heard these words every day, it still hurt her to be reminded of much of an outcast she was in this small “perfect” town. From the minute Sloan and her family moved here to the town of Dawsbury, the summer before her freshman year of high school, she knew she was different. She just… didn’t fit in; not with this town and not with her family. They were both so… perfect.Before she even made it to her locker (which was a five minute walk from the entrance), Sloan had been tripped, shoved, and shouted at multiple times by multiple people; some she didn’t even know. She finally reached her locker. Her day had just begun and she was already wanting to cry her eyes out. Closing her locker, she turned around only to be pushed down, hard. Sloan had no choice but to lay there, knowing no one would help; as people walked all over her carrying on with their day, as if there wasn’t a human being lying on the floor being trampled. But something surprised her when she saw a sudden opening of people in front of her, two hands came into view.

“Here, let me help you”, said a mysterious and slightly husky male voice. Sloan hesitated to accept the offer, what person in this shit hole would actually want to help her. However, she took the offered help and put her hands in the strangers. She kept her head down when she was finally upright, looking down at her shoes.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Ye-e-eh I’m fine. Thank you.” Sloan stuttered in a quiet voice. Using just one finger, he lifted her chin up to see her face. The stranger said “There that’s better, now I can look into these beautiful eyes.” Sloan blushed and blurted out “I have to go!”, then ran away, or at least she tried to. Grabbing her hand once he caught up with her he asked,” Why do you keep running away?”

“Why did you run after me?”

“Why do you keep answering my questions with questions?”

“Why do you keep answering my questions, with your questions, with questions, with questions?!” Sloan fired back. They stood silent just staring at one another for a moment. Finally he said something.

“You really do have beautiful eyes.” his brilliant green eyes staring into her storm grey eyes. Sloan stayed silent. Extending his hand, he said “Hi, I’m Mikael”, while flashing a dazzling smile. She shook his hand briskly and started to turn away, but Mikael held tight.

“Wait, you know my name, but I still don’t know yours.”

“Sloan. My name is Sloan, and I really do have to go!” She snatched her hand back, running away.

“Bye Sloan! I’ll see you around!” Mikael yelled. Smiling, he chuckled to himself as he walked away.

Walking home from school at the end of the day, Sloan had so many thoughts in her mind; Who was he? Why did he help me? Will I ever see him again?  Sloan snapped herself out of it. She’d only just met the guy, she wouldn’t overthink it, she thought to herself. However; as she fell asleep, those piercing emerald eyes drifted back into her mind.


Stay tuned for Part 2!!

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