Film Review: The Fundamentals of Caring

"I'm getting a patty melt, I don't give a shit."

If you’re reading this, then it’s safe for me to assume that you have yet to watch this masterpiece of a film. If that is the case… then what are you waiting for, turn on your tv or laptop, click on Netflix and watch this movie IMMEDIATELY!!! 

Robert Burnett (the director) did a fantastic job of turning Jonathon Evison’s book The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving into a phenomenal screenplay. It tells the story of 4 wacky characters embarking on a road trip to cross off items of a “dying” boy’s bucket list, Trevor. Trevor (Craig Roberts) is a young adult who happens to suffer from muscular dystrophy, who moved with his mother, Elsa (Jennifer Ehle) from the UK to the states. While still settling in, Ben (Paul Rudd) gets a call about a family needing a caregiver and goes to the interview. At first Elsa and Trevor aren’t too sure if Ben is the right fit, until Trevor asks him this extremely crucial question.

” Tell me Ben. Given the opportunity, how would you wipe my ass? ”  and Ben responds,

” I’d wipe it in such a way that when I was done, there would be no shit left on your ass.” which provided sufficient evidence for Trevor that Ben could infect handle the job of being his caregiver.

Now, I’m not going to say too much more because this is a movie that I really don’t won’t to give any spoilers of. So to summarize, Trevor feels that his life will not be complete unless he see’s the worlds deepest pit. After he and Ben are able to convince Trevor’s mother, they begin their road trip. Along the way the pick up Dot (Selena Gomez), a runaway who’s trying to get to Denver. After Dot comes Peaches (Megan Ferguson), a pregnant woman who’s car broke down on the side of the highway while she was trying to see her mother. Dot’s constant swearing, paired with Peaches innocence along with Ben and Trevor’s witty banter, gives the audience non-stop laughter along the whole ride.

One of  the great things about this movie, is that it isn’t your typical “kid with a disability sob story”. In fact, there isn’t a single reason to cry during this movie, so if you thought that you couldn’t watch this movie just because the main character suffers from muscular dystrophy, you thought wrong. Burnett does a top notch job of keeping the story light and fun, while throwing in one or two truly heart touching moments. However, I must warn you, this movie is not for the shy or conservative. There is many an inappropriate genital joke, multiple curse words used in many different ways, and a lot of dark humor. So sit back, relax, and joy the pure awesomeness that is The Fundamentals of Caring.

Fundementals of Caring
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