Not What You Thought

I’m invisible.

When Sloan walked up to the front steps to her high school, her day instantly got better. Standing there, leaning against the granite gargoyle statue was Mikael, he had been waiting for her. Pretending not to notice him, she kept her head down & started up the stairs, when he called out to her.

“Hey! Sloan! Wait up!” He yelled, trying to get her attention, while running over to her.

“Hi.” Sloan replied in a quiet voice, trying not to sound excited.

“ So um… how was your night? “ he said trying to think of something to say.

“ Fine. You? “

“ Oh umm… same I guess. So what’s your first class? “ asked Mikael, trying to change the subject. After a few moments of silence, Sloan spoke.

“ Look I don’t know who put you up to this, but it isn’t funny. Just leave me alone ok?”

“… wha- what are you talking about?” he asked, taken back by surprise from her statement.

“ Didn’t someone tell you to mess with me? Be nice to me and then humiliate me later on? “ Sloan asked in a harsh tone; a stone cold glare in her eyes.

“ No. Can’t I just be nice to be nice.” Sloan was speechless, nobody here was nice to just be nice; not to her anyway. She looked down, ashamed of accusing someone who had a genuine heart.

“ Look, I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable. I’ll just leave you alone now. Bye Sloan.” Mikael started to walk away, looking like a child who had gotten his favorite toy taken away.

“ Don’t go!” Sloan exclaimed, “ I’m sorry, it’s just… nobody likes me here. I’m invisible. So it’s kinda hard to believe that anybody would have any interest in me; that someone would want to get to know me.”

“ I like you Sloan, and I do wanna get to know you. I find you…” Mikael took a short pause, struggling to find the right word to describe this girl ,“ extraordinary” he finally settled on.  Her face flushed bright pink.

“ Me? Extraordinary? No, I’m just… nothing. Nothing at all.” Sloan said in a sullen tone.

“ Hey, don’t sell yourself short.” Moments of nothing said passed between the two of them, then finally, Sloan replied.

“ Mrs. Marcus.”, she said in a hushed voice.

“ Huh?” Mikael asked, confused at her comment.

“ I have Mrs. Marcus as my first class. French 101”

“ Oooh! I’ll uh walk you. If that’s okay?”

“ Don’t you have to get to class too?”

“ No, I have minimum morning, so no first period.”

“ Oh, okay.”

“ Shall we?” He said, extending his arm out for her to lead the way. Giggling, Sloan began to walk to class with Mikael closely beside her.

All the while they were walking, Sloan was extremely aware of how Mikaels’ hand would brush against hers every so often. She was biting her lip to keep from grinning; although it was difficult, because it kept fighting its way to the surface to break free.

“ Well here we are.” he said, with a slight note of sadness seeping through.

“ Thanks for the walk. It was nice to have some company.”

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