Peep Da Playlist

How many times can one really listen to an EP on repeat within a 24-hour span?

Since music is life, we can agree that all those New Year resolutions we’ve made have music intertwined with their success. Isn’t it time that the “new you” get into some new tunes to inspire, vibe, and cruise to? Whether it’s updating that workout playlist, making a playlist for focus, or something for the turn up; music aids in the success. BUT if you are like me, you probably don’t enjoy going through endless songs to find new artists.

Well, I’ve got you covered. Lucky for you, my New Year’s resolution is to become consumed with music, especially indie artists, to feed my undying thirst for new music and upcoming artists. I will be featuring underground and upcoming bands, artists, rappers, and more that you are definitely gonna wanna check out.


So, #PeepDaPlaylist.

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