Film Review: Colonia

Disclaimer: This movie is not for the sensitive or faint of heart. It involves child abuse, domestic abuse, among the other graphics I mention below.

Not going to lie, but the only reason I clicked on this movie was because I saw Emma Watson was starring in it; as an avid Harry Potter fan, I must watch anything and everything that the actors do. Once I got over the surprise of “Hermione Granger” uttering the words ” I’m gonna cut your balls off” if she were to see a random girl in her boyfriends apartment, I fell completely in love with her character, Lena. Now back to the film review.

Within 15 minutes, this movie had already dived straight into the action, and had me completely captivated. It is based on the true story of the 1973 Chilean military coup, and the events that took place with a cult at the Colonia Dignidad (the colony of dignity). This does a fantastic job in showing the gruesome details of the horrors that took place at Colonia: public execution, shock torture, kidnapping, etc. Lena infiltrates the colony and becomes apart of the cult for in hopes of finding her kidnapped boyfriend, Daniel, who was taken by order of the cults leader, Pius. In just her first week Lena is given lashes with a leather whipped, and forced to suffer through dehydration whilst working in the hot sun as a full bucket of cold water is sat next to her.

Flip the script, and let’s take a look at Daniel. He was taken by followers of Pius. Tormented with the same methods of shock therapy, which caused monumental brain damage and reduced hime to nothing more than a slightly functioning vegetable…or so it would seem. And all the while he is trying to survive, he is totally unaware at just how close is to Lena, both them in there for over 100 days.

Director/writer Florian Gallenberger, producer Benjamin Herrmann, and co-writer Torsten Wenzel did an amazing job, to simply put it. This is a must see!

  • Execution
  • Production
  • Actors
  • Emotion
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