iConic Showcase FAQs

Artists Entry Requirements Application FAQs


Be sure to download the checklist before starting your registration. You will not be able to go back and login if you exit the registration form BEFORE clicking submit.



Be sure to download the checklist before starting your registration. You will not be able to go back and login if you exit the registration form BEFORE clicking submit.

How do I enter the competition?

View the “Eligibility requirements” on the site www.reverentertainment.com/iconicshowcase


What genre of music is this showcase for?

This showcase is only for RnB, Soul, NeoSoul and AfroPunk artists.


What if I am under the age of 18?

You can participate if you are at least 16 years old. Your parent/guardian must sign the Parental Consent Form for your registration to be valid


What if my parent or legal guardian is not available on the registration and/or audition days?

If your parent or legal guardian is not available to accompany you on the registration and audition days, your parent or legal guardian may appoint a guardian for the registration and audition days. The appointed guardian MUST BE 18 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER. Your parent/guardian must send Revér Entertainment written consent of the appointed guardian to accompany you. The appointed guardian must show ID at the auditions and rehearsals.


I’m under 18. If my parent signs the release form, does he or she have to come with me to the audition?

YES, unless your parent or legal guardian has appointed a guardian 18 years of age or older for purposes of the registration and audition process by completing, signing the Parental Consent form and sending written consent of your appointed guardian.


If I have a manager for anything entertainment – related or a contract for my performing services, can I still audition?

If you are selected to compete in the iConic showcase you MUST have approval by your manager and/or record label to participate in the competition.


What to wear for auditions

This applies to In-Person Auditions and Video Auditions: Please do not wear any clothing or bring any items that have designer names, corporate or sports team names or logos, copyrighted images, celebrity names or images (living or dead), cartoon character images or inappropriate messages or words (for example, profanity). If you do wear such clothing, you may be required to remove in, turn it inside out or put on additional clothing to cover it. If you have any tattoos that contain any corporate or sports names or logos, copyrighted images, celebrity names or images (living or dead), cartoon character images, or inappropriate message or word (for example, profanity), please cover the tattoo for your audition.


How many artists will be selected to participate in the competition?

There will be forty (40) contestants chosen to compete


How long is the iConic Showcase, how many shows will be held?

There will be a total of four (4) shows held within 5 months. Each show there will be eliminations leading to the top ten to perform at the final show.


What happens at the audition?

Once you arrive at the auditions you will sign in and someone will verify that you have all your documents submitted and that you are wearing the proper attire. After you sign in you will wait to be seen and called by the panel of judges to audition. You must wait until final contestants are chosen and announced before leaving the auditions.


What happens after the auditions?

If you are one of the forty (40) selected contestants you must stay for your brief session. During this time you will receive all information about the show, eliminations, judging, etc.


What if I can’t stay and I am chosen to participate?

All artists must stay the entire time. Once the auditions are over the selected contestants will be announced.


Can more than one person enter as a group?

Yes, you can. A maximum of four (4) people may enter as a group. If your group has more than four (4) members you must pay two entry fees. Please note that each person must provide their own information and sign their part on the registration form.


How much does it cost to participate?

At this time, there is no charge to participate in the auditions. All entrants are entirely responsible for all entry-related costs, such as duplication of documents, audition materials and postage.


How can I submit my registration if I am unable to attend the auditions?

You can submit your registration online and request to send an audition video. If you are unable to attend the auditions send an email to reverentertainment@gmail.com. If you live outside of Atlanta, GA you have the option to send a video submission by April 30th, 2016.


Can I bring a musical instrument with me to the first round of auditions?

You may have the opportunity to play your guitar during your audition. You must sing a cappella FIRST, then, only if asked by producers in their sole and absolute discretion, will you be allowed to sing with your guitar. Producers are not responsible for providing guitars for any audition. No other instruments except guitars are cleared for use at this time.


How do I submit my registration if I am having technical difficulties and cannot submit online?

Contact reverentertainment@gmail.com


Can I do a video submission if I am unable to attend the In-Person casting?

If you want to do a video submission contact reverentertainment@gmail.com


Who will the members of the jury be?

The judge panel will be a group of creative industry individuals. Check the Judges page to see who will be on the panel.


Do I have to audition with already created music?

You can audition with an original song or a perform a cover song. The song you perform must be of the genres RnB, Soul, NeoSoul or AfroPunk.


What if I do not have any recorded music to submit with my registration?

You can record a 2 minute a capella song and upload it. The recording must be in mp3, mp4 or wav format.


Can I submit more than one song with my registration?

You can submit up to four tracks/recordings with your registration.


What are the prizes that should be expected for the winners?

The prizes for the three (3) winners will be various packages that are expected to include, but not limited to:


Video Shoot(s) for recorded music

Video Shoot(s) for promo video, and/or commercial

Custom beats

Studio time

Custom graphics for website, logos, banners, promotional/marketing material, etc

One-on-one consultation by a team of produces, engineers and creative directors.

Features and interviews in several local, national and/or international magazine/blog

12 months promotion

Website design

3-6 months of Branding development


Can I bring my friends or family members to the audition?

People who are auditioning may bring only one friend or family member along with their manager (if applicable). If you are under 18 years old on the audition day, you MUST bring your parent or guardian with you to the audition. No children under the age of five (5) will be allowed in the audition room, they will have to sit in the waiting/social area.


How will I know the results of the participant selection?

All forty (40) contestants will be notified at the end of the auditions, so be prepared to stay the entire audition time.


What will I have to do if I am selected?

You will receive instructions on the next step to proceed in confirming your position in the competition.


What state do I have to reside in to submit my application and qualify for the competition?

The iConic Showcase is open to residents of Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, or West Virginia.


What is the deadline for submitting my application?

Completed registrations must be received by Saturday April 30th, 2016. Submissions after this date will not be considered.


If selected as a contestant, will travel to/from Atlanta and accommodations in Atlanta be provided?

All participants of the iConic Showcase Auditions and the iConic Showcase events are responsible for all travel, room and board and all other necessities pertaining to the competition.


During what time frame must the winner redeem his/her prize?

All prizes are provided by different sponsors and each prize has it’s own production time frame. The night of the iConic Showcase the winning artist will receive a notice and instructions on how to claim each prize and coordinate