Let’s Frolic in a Field of Techno

Reckonwrong will make you feel

Using wild machine noises, Reckonwrong takes you back to the 80’s before everything was digital, that analog love! Behind most tracks you can hear faint voices creating instrument sounds. One of his most recent projects was collaborating with Busy P creating a remix for the song Genie. Recreating sounds of original music isn’t an average Joe skill. You have to have a great ear, passion for sound and the strength to position your own identity into their track. Reckonwrong’s own music is out of this world and takes you to a place of techno emotion that you never want to step out of. But he can remix music and it ACTUALLY sound good.

I went back to his first release “Whities 005” and pressed play. First thing I felt was confusion. Do I want to dance or fall in a musical slumber? I don’t know about you, but that was a great feeling for me. So instead, I tapped my foot. I imagine myself playing this track when I’m all tuckered out at my last bit of energy. Lay down, close your eyes, tap your feet in mid air and feel it. Literally, feel the sounds.

If you ever watched those low budget horror films from the 80’s you would know exactly what I mean. Reckonwrong definitely gives me Poltergeist circa 1982 vibes with a touch of airy bubbles in a open field of freedom.

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