Movie Review: Free The Nipple

Disclaimer: Half nudity





   These are just three out of the hundreds of words I could use to describe this movie… no this masterpiece. Free The Nipple is a must see, not just for women or feminists, but for everyone. Lina Esco, the director and actress, does an excellent job of providing her audience with the right mixture of humor and truth to get out the message of the double standards put upon women.

This is based on true events that took place in NYC, a movement created by a small group of women, bent upon changing how the world views females bodies, from sexual objects back to bodies. They showed how the news and media in general felt okay with showing images and videos about war, violence, and dead bodies, but then felt the need to blur out not a man’s, but a women’s nipple, if they chose to show it at all. It gave light to how unfazed people were by seeing a man run topless through any public place, but as soon as a women decided to breastfeed her child in a public place, it all but caused an uproar.

To see women, of all races and sizes, all over the world unite together to fight for the right to have a say over their bodies is… beautiful.

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