Not What You Thought- Part 2

Written by: Mia Belle


“Mikael, get your ass in here!” Mikael sighed annoyed, he’d only just walked in the house and was already being yelled at.

“Coming!”, he entered the living room to the sight of his father in front of the TV set, a can of beer in one hand, a cigarette in the other and cheese puff dust on his beard.

“Hello dear father. How was your day? I imagine it was positively lovely, yes?” Mikael said, his voice thick with sarcasm aided by a sickly sweet smile.

“Shut the hell up! Go fetch me another beer boy!” his father yelled. Mikael opened the fridge to find it barren as usual, also, no beer.

“There ain’t none!” Mikael hollered from the kitchen.

“Well then go buy me some more!”

“I’m not of age pops and besides, I’ve got some homework to do.” As Mikael was walking up the stairs to his room, he heard his father mumble “no good piece of shit son, can’t even…” Mikael had been dealing with his father’s verbal (and sometimes physical) abuse for 3 years now, ever since his mom died when he was fourteen. His father was broken, and he had never been the same since. So, he started taking out his emotions on Mikael. Mikael laid down, and as he started to fall asleep, a pair of storm grey eyes floated into his mind.

“Aaaaahhh!!!!” Mikael awoke to an ear shattering scream of his own. He shot up into a sitting position,  breathing hard, eyes widened, heart pounding.

“Aaaaahhh!!!” he screamed again, as his dad had just ran into his room with a bat, swinging it.

“What the hell Mikael?!” his dad shouted.

“Sorry, oops. I uh-had a-uh nightmare is all”, Mikael said slowly, his breathing ragged.

“You woke me up, because you had a little nightmare” his dad mocked him in a condescending tone,” grow the hell up! And if you wake me again, you’ll be sorry boy” his dad warned, aiming the bat between Mikael’s eyes. And with that Mikael’s dad left the room. Mikael hadn’t had just  a “little nightmare”. He had just re-lived the most traumatizing thing a person could ever witness…a person being killed right in front of him. His mom.

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