Young & Gettin’ It

"My aspirations stem from my love of music & my culture, so it's inevitable that I aim to impact both with my own ideas, principles and theories." -Moe McKoy

 “Learning. Leading. Living” 


Moe McKoy is a young 19 year old ARTist is an outstanding lyricist who is waiting for his opportunity to blow the world away. He takes ‘no days off’; If it isn’t music he is at school or working. Much like many young ARTists in today’s world he has responsibilities outside of his craft. It takes money to make money. He believes that everyone aspiring to make it I the industry it to find their own truth so they can reach the goal of ‘Self-Actualization’ physically, mentally, and spiritually. With soulful hiphop sounds McKoy can easily speak to any individual if you are willing to close your mouth, open your ears and widen your eyes. “My spirations stem from my love of music and my culture, so it’s inevitable that I am to impact my own ideas, principles, & theories”- Moe Mckoy

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